Whatever It Takes (The Ho'oponopono Song) (2015)

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Whatever It Takes (The Ho'opomopono Song)

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“Whatever It Takes” incorporates a very powerful mantra used in the Ancient Hawaiian healing practice, Ho’Oponopono. The term “ho’oponopono” can be translated as “correct a mistake” or “make it right”.  I learned about it first after reading the book “Zero Limits” by Dr. Joe Vitale.  It shifted my perspective surrounding the idea of “taking responsibility” for everything that I perceived to be a “problem” in my life or anywhere.  In repeating a simple mantra – “I Love You” (Love), “I’m Sorry” (Repentance), “Please Forgive Me” (Forgiveness), “Thank You” (Gratitude), we can purify our body and get rid of bad memories and feelings that hold our minds in a negative tune.  Those words have a vibrational essence capable of transmuting negative thoughts, powers, and emotions. To say them is to “clean your soul.” As you will hear, the mantra is being said throughout the entire song. So the song, in and of itself, is a musical mantra hybrid. I learned about all this and channeled this song during a time when my Dad was going through some dark times and I was feeling pretty helpless in it all. Writing this song and practicing Ho’oponopono helped me tune myself so I could help him.  It’s dedicated to my Dad, my mentor, a man who did “whatever it took” and showed me what that means.

Listen to “Whatever It Takes” with an open heart and let it help heal whatever in you needs a little healing.

Jay Della Valle- Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics
Shelly Riff– Producer, Keys, Percussion, Arrangements (@shellyriff1)
Bruce Gatewood- Guitars, Bass, & Tones
Hanan Rubinstein- Mixing
Jim Kissling- Mastering

Song Art Work by Emin Sinanyan

Special Thanks to my father Vincent Della Valle for being my role model and for giving me the gift of music, and to my wonderful friends who contributed their souls and voices in the form of this songs underlying Ho’oponopono mantra- my wife Mariana Rifai, Tamara Rifai, Cari Cole, Jocelyn Mastropolo, Marc Mastropolo, Jolie Della Valle, Brad & Amy Hyson.

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