Roll with the Punches (2013)

Tracklisting & Lyrics

Shoot Off
Where Do You Get Off
I Am the Man
Roll the Credits

More Info

I had the honor of being cast as the lead role in a super cool Independent feature film called Mount Joy, which revolved around a punk rock band from Pennsylvania called Living Daylights. I starred as the band’s bruting frontman, Sue, writing and performing all the band’s songs peppered throughout the film. It was an awesome opportunity to exercise and show off both my acting and musical skill set. This project gave me the creative license to form my own fictional punk rock trio and then go live out their lives in the context of this movie, performing their songs at packed shows literally weeks after I recorded them in the studio. I mean, what could be cooler?? Stylewise, I’d categorize these songs as “sailor pop-eyed drunk rock” (yeah, I made that up), getting my inspiration from some of my favorite punk bands like Social Distortion, DropKick Murphy’s, The Briggs, & NOFX.    You can watch/rent/buy Mount Joy these days on Itunes and Amazon Prime, but you can listen to Living Daylights on Itunes & Spotify or the links above.

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