Head Above Water (2020)

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Head Above Water

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I originally started writing this song over 10 years ago for my mom who was battling a powerful depression that I could not fathom or understand at that time. I very much wanted to write her a song that would help meet her in her darkness and help tow her back to the light. After I recorded it, I realized it was too urgent and brooding when compared to the other songs I wanted to release around that time. So it never made the cut on any of my solo albums. When the pandemic happened, I could hear it whispering to me to re-focus on it and create a powerful visual to support the listening experience (the music video).

But no matter how it might seem, this is not a song about depression, as it is ultimately a song for me about overcoming depression. What’s also interesting is that I started writing it while channeling and processing someone else’s conflict. Ten years and a pandemic later, I realized it was my own feelings of despair and anxiety that I so badly needed to transcend. Tuning in to this song and making the video for it was very therapeutic for me in this regard.  The power of music never seizes to amaze me.

The image on the album cover you see is a water color painting that I commissioned Canadian artist Marion Pynn to make for me based on the feeling and vision that this song conjures in my mind. It’s all about that hopeful ray of light peaking through the dense clouds. We’re all dealing with some serious stuff during these times.  The right song can change your whole perspective and sometimes bring you right to where you need to be. I hope to be able to do that with my music. It’s one of the ways I contribute to the force that will help lift this world into a promising sense of love and light.

Jay Della Valle- Vocals, Guitar, Lyrics
Dave Reid- Guitars
Taylor McLam- Producer, Guitars, Bass, Drums
Song Art Work by Marion Pynn  (@MarionPynn)

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