The Mission

Jay Performing for the kids at Montreal Children's Hospital

Jay Performing for the kids at Montreal Children's Hospital

Ukulele Kids Club Inc. is a charity organization that harnesses the healing power of music by supporting music therapy programs for hospitalized children. Musicians all over the country visit with the children one-on-one, providing ukulele lessons, performing songs for them, or even get together in larger groups for "jam sessions". So far, over 3,000 Ukulele's have been gifted! 

My band Owls and Lions partnered with the UKC to bring our music and energy directly to the kids at hospitals in the NYC/NJ area and witnessed firsthand the power that music has to lift spirits, bring out a smile, and provide a temporary distraction from their daily hospital routine. 

As a means of generating a source of on-going revenue for THE UKC and our mission, both me and my band Owls & Lions have initiated this special house concert music series as a means of creating awareness, generating long lasting relationships,  and raising  finances in the form of "Suggested Donations" at each event.

Interested in getting involved? Email ME.  Interested in Donating? Click HERE.

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