The Van Song (2020)

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The Van Song

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Finally a song about the love a man has for his van. It’s about time! This song and the next few to come are of the freewheeling kitchy/word play style songs that I love to write and which a lot of my fans seem to really enjoy. It’s pure fun. It wears life loosely and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If it can make you smile, laugh, reminisce, chill out or just get inspired,  then it’s doing what I hope it does. This is a song that tells the story about how I met and purchased my first van (a 2002 Chevy Astro) and how that baby became an integral part of my life. The song commemorates my van as more of a bandmate than a vehicle, a partner in crime who lived through some of the most exciting times of my life with me.

Vans are so versatile. You can transport a lot of people in one vehicle, fit a lot of “things” like speakers and music equipment, snowboards, surfboards, etc. You’re rarely limited to what you can do, where you can go and how many people can come with you.  Once you get used to having a van, it’s hard to go back to a car. That Astro Van had been used as a production vehicle on many films and traveled across the country with me on many tours and road trips. It was even an extra on “The Sopranos” at one point! Back in 2004, I grew a mustache and started making a documentary about the return of mustaches. Suddenly, I was a young guy with a kick-ass mustache driving a van. That’s when things really started to get nuts.  All throughout my late 20s, I felt like I was a porn star living in the 70s. I loved it.

Hoping to rally the Van Life culture/community, the “vanner” community and whoever takes pride in their van and owns their van persona. Turn it up, sing it, laugh and just spread the van love because it’s a beautiful kind of love that stands for all things that are good for people and this world. One that represents an incessant desire for adventure, wanderlust, community, romance, and meaningful simplicity. For all these reasons, it’s the quintessential Jay Della Valle tune!

Jay Della Valle- Vocals, Guitar
Hanan Rubinstein-Guitar, Synth
Kevin Walters- Drums
Nicole DeLoi-Background Vocals
Produced and Mixed by Hanan Rubinstein
Mastered by Mikhail Pivovarov
Song Art Work & Music Video Animation by Nathan Morrow

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