Meet Jay Della Valle

Jay Della Valle is a Multi- faceted artist, visionary, and philanthropist- reflecting and channeling his life experiences and adventures into his various songwriting and performing projects.  

His mission and purpose through music is to consistently learn and create relevant and entertaining music that is designed to ultimately heal through intention. Built in to any song Jay creates and performs is a specific intention to heal in some way. Whether that's through vulnerability, laughter, inspiration, or just pure ability, his audience is always the priority.  This is why it couldn't be more perfect that Jay is also heavily involved with a charity called The Ukulele Kids Club- an organization that donates ukuleles to hospitalized children and supports music therapy programs in children's hospitals worldwide. Under the defining premise that "Music Heals," Jay commandeers performances, events, house concerts, and fundraising efforts in the US & Canada to support UKC's initiatives. 50% of his music proceeds also go directly to the UKC. 

Jay's occasionally scores and provides music for feature films. Among the recent projects he has worked on include Chlorine (with Vincent D'Onofrio), My Man is A Loser (John Stamos, Michael Rappaport), and Mount Joy, an indie feature starring Jay himself as the lead role. Not only does Jay do a commendable job acting in Mount Joy (Variety said he was "like Springsteen, but punkier-air of working class- rock god cool"), he was simultaneously hired to form a fictional rock band called Living Daylights who would serve as the basis for the films plotline and create an epic soundtrack of catchy pop punk rock songs that would compel the tone and momentum of the film as it weaved through a suspensefully dramatic storyline. Mount Joy is currently available to watch and experience on Netflix.   

Jay performs solo with his guitar or ukulele at mostly events, house concerts, and music festivals around the country. Much of his time also goes into performing with his Indie Folk Trio, Owls & Lions, who perform regularly in the NorthEast. He is currently in the studio with his band Owls & Lions recording their debut EP with producer and virtuoso guitarist Hanan Rubinstein.. The project is comprised of renditions of past Della Valle favorites, current Owls & Lions songs, and some other brand new material whose manifestation will more than satisfy his constant urge to express his stories and adventures through his music.