About Della Valle

Jay Della Valle has certainly been through a lot in the past few years. One Full Length Album to his credit, 6 Eps, 2 Acclaimed Feature Films, a wife, and 2 kids later- Jay certainly earned himself some perspective on life and the kind of career in music he really wants. "In my 20's - I wrote what I knew from my teens. That -combined with some death, love, heartbreak, and a lot of growing up in the process- let's just say I lost and found my way too many times to count." 

His last EP from his band "Della Valle" was a collection of tunes that featured everything from freewheeling kitschy party anthems to mellow reggae beach meanderings- to broken hearted power ballads. If you think that sounds like he's all over the place- you don't know Jay- a guy whose music merely and characteristically reflects his exciting life. His next EP after that consisted of songs he wrote for his fictional punk rock band, Living Daylights, the basis of a 2015 Major Motion Picture film called Mount Joy.

A hop, skip, and a jump from one interesting project to the next has Jay crossing genres and taking names- or should we say- writing new songs and creating refreshingly honest lyrics- all inspired and empowered by his current path in life- being a husband, father, and devoted practitioner of an Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice called Ho'Oponopono. "There was a point not so long ago where I was feeling really detached from making music. It bothered me to feel this way. Making music is what I do. Somehow life got so complicated so quickly and I wondered if suddenly music just wasn't supposed to be my priority anymore. Then I realized what the problem was- I was just a little lost and needed to remind myself what my actual purpose was when it comes to making music. It's not just about writing a song and hoping something happens. For me - it's about having an intention with that song- developing a piece of music that has a charge and is capable of changing someone in some positive way. Making them happy, making them reminisce, helping them to cope, healing a part of them they didn't realize needed to be healed. These days- more than anything- I need to do "whatever it takes" to stay inspired- to love- to feel- to take in- I then naturally channel that inspiration into anything artistic that I do. When I write with the intention to heal or produce a healing emotion- the song literally becomes a healing song. That is the kind of music I am making these days. I'm calling the new music I create "medicine music." 

Presently- You can witness Jay in the Upcoming Feature Film, Mount Joy, which is Now Available to the world on ITunesAmazon On Demand, and all Cable VOD platforms. Jay plays the lead role as Sue, a garbage collector who rocks out as front man of the punk rock trio, Living Daylights. Jay wrote all the music for Living Daylights you will see and hear in the film. 

When he's not strumming his guitar, writing music, or being distracted by the internet, Jay gets his inspiration from playing with his kids Sloane & Kai, honing his wildnerness survival skills, travelling, taking photos, DJing weddings, & writing spontaneous philosophy.