Did you know I play guitar and sing in a wonderful lil guitar/violin duo named Owls & Lions? Well, it's true! We perform at mostly weddings, private events, and house concerts. We've just recorded a handful of originals and we're getting a terrific response at our performances.  Official release soiree for these songs to happen in NJ in the Spring. Let us know what you think!


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Apparently some people think I am modeling my haircut after Rick Grimes from @thewalkingdead it might be true
So disappointed in @PioneerUSA - when a company you love just puts you through the ringer and makes you jump through hoops for the basics
#Montreal--> #Toronto --> #Newark. It's all happening. #Beersin3cities2countriesin3hours
Forget Trump and Hillary! It's all about the storm! #HurricaneMatthew for President. No but seriously- prayers to Florida during this time!
LA here I come. You better be ready. @joncarlo @JaySealsy @pazpaz @JonathanRoumie