Wondering what Jay Della Valle has been up to? Well wonder no more! Jay's new band Owls & Lions is an Indie/Folk Trio (Guitar/Violin/Drums) in the vein of Lumineers- but refreshingly different. They are busy recording their first studio EP as well as performing at events, house concerts, and weddings up and down the East Coast. Check out the Owls & Lions website and Follow them on INSTAGRAM to stay in the loop!
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Hey guys! I just submitted for NBC and Adam Levine's new show SONGLAND. Check out my VIDEO submission. I'm going for it!! Fingers crossed!!! Thanks for all your support!!
Did you know I play guitar and sing in a wonderful lil guitar/violin duo named Owls & Lions? Well, it's true! We perform at mostly weddings, private events, and house concerts. We've just recorded a handful of originals and we're getting a terrific response. Official release soiree to happen in NJ in the Spring. Take a Listen!
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Healing songs from my forthcoming "Everyday Medicine" project can be listened to on SOUNDCLOUD. Peak in on my process and chime in with any ideas or inspiring comments!
Whatever It Takes Video Celebrating 14K Hits on You Tube!
Thanks to everyone who has helped us reach almost 14K hits on You Tube. Such a great feeling to know that the song is reaching so many people! Haven't seen it yet? What the heck are you waiting for?? Open your heart and watch it HERE
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Apparently some people think I am modeling my haircut after Rick Grimes from @thewalkingdead it might be true
So disappointed in @PioneerUSA - when a company you love just puts you through the ringer and makes you jump through hoops for the basics
#Montreal--> #Toronto --> #Newark. It's all happening. #Beersin3cities2countriesin3hours
Forget Trump and Hillary! It's all about the storm! #HurricaneMatthew for President. No but seriously- prayers to Florida during this time!
LA here I come. You better be ready. @joncarlo @JaySealsy @pazpaz @JonathanRoumie